Just Arrived - Welcome

This is information for those who just moved into Lom Ta Ley. The same information is available in our video. You've already met Daniel or Rose at the check-in. They can help you with everything you need during your stay.


We have a state of the art home theater system and here are some important instructions for you to enjoy music, TV and movies.

The Home entertainment system is of the brand Harman Kardon BDS 485S. You can listen to the radio, see on the Apple TV, play your own music from your mobile or watch some of our DVD movies with the projector. Make sure you bring your password to Apple TV, Netflix, HBO, etc.

You can switch on/off and dim the lamps on the dinner table with a remote control standing in the small baskets to the left of Budda.

We have Internet via fiber and wireless LAN (WiFi) for your free access. It's named lomtaley and the password is abcdabcd.



Please, don´t put any heavy items in the refrigerator door, it might be skewed.

To avoid ants and other insects, we ask you not to leave any food in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinett when the rental period expires. Sugar, salt and pepper etc in tight cans can be left.

Pour the coffee grounds in the hedges.  Do not pour in the sink, the wastewater treatment plant does not like coffee grounds.


For each person there is a towel for the beach, one for the shower and a smaller towel. The sheet and towels laundry is done once a week (included in the rent). Private laundry on your expense. Just leave it to Ms Som and it will be back next day. Soap and toilet paper are included in the rent. Shower gel on your own expense. Please throw toilet paper in the plastic bucket.


Our maid comes every day about 10 am. She cleans the whole house, wash up and make the beds, etc. You can safely entrust all such work to her. The garden is maintained by a company who is watering, raking the lawn, mow grass and shrubs. So just relax and enjoy!


You can buy drinking water and ice in Klong Son. The tap water is excellent for personal hygiene, coffee etc.


Please, don´t smoke indoors.

Books and Videos

There are a few baskets with books (only swedish unfortunately) and DVD-movies.


There is an AC in every room. We recommend you to use the AC only during nights. Stay happy with windows and doors open during the day. It creates a comfortable indoor climate. All windows in the house have mosquito nets and even the door to the bedroom on the upper level. Keep windows open and mosquito nets "closed".

Upper terrace

You can put i.e. suitcases in the boxes to avoid having them in the rooms.


Sand fleas and mosquitoes becomes more active at the sunset. The most repellent works well. Thetre is a box in the kitchen cabinett with mosquito repellent. Please use and add your own consumption. In another box is candles, etc. Please use and add your own consumption.


Please don´t leave the house with the parasol raised. Sudden wind can break the parasol and overturn the table.

Rent a car or a bike

We recommend that you contact Rose or Daniel if you want to rent a car or a bike. During high season the price for a car is approximately THB 1000 per day. The cars will be returned and retrieved at Lom Ta Ley.


The resort has three restaurants; the Beach Club, Little Sunshine Resort and Pizza & Pasta. You can order catering from all of them. There are further restaurants in Klong Son (15 min walk). Our favorite is the BluesBlues. Download Koh Chang app to see most of what Koh Chang can offer.


If you want to keep on physics, there are lovely areas to walk in, a long beach to pulse in and two gym to build muscles.

Quiet and secluded

We live quiet and secluded in our village. In order to make everyone feel comfortable we have adopted rules of conduct.

Some important phone numbers

Siam Royal View emergency
International Clinic
Koh Chang Dental Clinic
Tourist Police
Beach Bistro
Little Sunshine Resort

Thai telefon
086 103 5613
081 782 5415
039 511 151
086 320 0702
082 257 7319
081 982 5254

Your homeland phone
66 86 103 5613
+66 81 782 5415
+66 39 511 151
+66 86 320 0702
+66 557 287
+66 82 257 7319
+66 81 982 5254

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Lom Ta Ley
Johan & Lena Hermelin

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