Koh Chang - The Paradise Island

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The Paradise Island

Koh Chang is a heaven for those who want a peaceful and relaxing holiday. The quiet and relaxing atmosphere, along with the mountainous and green nature is Koh Chang's greatest asset. The road that winds almost all around the island giving you the opportunity to discover beautiful bays and beaches.


The island is mostly covered by tropical rainforest. Koh Chang and its surrounding 40 islands is a marine national park. Most tourists to Koh Chang comes from Thailand. Please look at the large map of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang's pristine natural

Koh Chang offers great beaches, coral reefs and lush underwater life. The island is full of rank vegetation and gorgeous waterfalls. It is a pleasure to have a plunge in the natural swimming pools after a few hours trekking. On the island there are orchards and rubber plantations which are important branches for residents. Koh Chang has a rich wildlife. Here are various species of monkeys, some species of aquatic turtles and the tiny Koh Chang frog can be found only on the island.

Koh Chang's best beaches

Most people and most beautiful beaches are located on the western side of Koh Chang. In the far northwest lies Chang Noi Beach, perhaps the most beautiful and undisturbed beach of all. A popular beach is White Sand Beach which is also the island's most visited city. Hera are the best opportunity to shop or visit restaurants, bars and discos. In southwest you will find Bang Bao with a 100-meter-long bridge, where you find a lot of fishing boats, dive boats and tour boats. On the bridge are countless restaurants and shops. In the southeastern part of Koh Chang you will find Salak Peth, a genuine fishing village where tourism hardly has reached. At the east is Long Beach which you can reach by boat or a adventurous drive.

Koh Chang Archipelago

Take the opportunity to explore the tropical islands south of Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Maak and Koh Kood.

Visit Koh Chang, one of Thailands most beautiful islands

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